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The official Alfresco source tree is in Subversion. The page [Alfresco SVN Development Environment] contains instructions for accessing the official Subversion repository.

Many members of the Alfresco community prefer to use GitHub to collaborate around code. This makes it easy to fork the code of Alfresco Community Edition, make improvements, and share them with others. To facilitate this collaboration, we maintain an official mirror of many Alfresco projects in GitHub:

Not all projects in Alfresco SVN are mirrored to GitHub. You might need to get some directly from SVN. Let us know if you want us to mirror additional repositories.

There are some things to keep in mind when using these repositories:

  • Alfresco support does not provide official support for this repository.
  • Alfresco engineering does not use this repository.
  • Issues for Alfresco community edition should be logged in [the issue tracker].
  • If you create a pull request against this repository, please log an issue referencing the pull request.
  • GitHub recommends keeping repositories under 1GB in size, otherwise the repo gets hard to clone. GitHub also recommends keeping individual files under 50MB. For this reason, large files are replaced with a text message referencing Subversion, and large repositories have the history truncated.
    • As a point of reference from April 2014, the complete export from Subversion to a local Git repository is 3.3GB.
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