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Hacker Rooms

These are hacker rooms for the May 2014 Global Virtual Hack-a-thon.

Meeting in person within this virtual context is still a good idea, as it can be even more productive and fun.

For each hacker room please list:

  • the contact person
  • hosting organization
  • the location (including any instructions of how to access to the room)
  • explain how to register

We would appreciate someone taking pictures / video of the hacker room during the event which we can include in promotions for future events.

Brussels, Belgium

Contact: Boriss Mejias, CIRB-CIBG

Hosted by: CIRB-CIBG

Location: 21 avenue des Arts 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Projects: At the moment, we will be hosting the project Make Alfresco subsystems dynamic with Dynamic extensions. The project coordinators, Philippe Dubois (Alfresco Engineer) and Laurent Van der Linden (XeniT, Project leader of Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco) will be in the room helping the participants.

But, you are free to just come to the room and participate on any other project that is being coordinated virtually. The goal of the room is to provide a place where the community members can meet, help each others in person, and enjoy the hack-a-thon.

Registration: Just list your name on the list below or send an email to Boriss (bmejias at cibg dot irisnet dot be) expressing your will to join the room. Please do it before May 11. The earlier the better, because we need to know how much coffee, tea, and sandwiches for lunch need to be ordered. Registration is free of charge.

  • Philippe Dubois
  • Laurent Van der Linden
  • DarkStar1
  • Ole Hejlskov (ohej)
  • Laurent Stiens
  • Boriss Mejias (bmejias)

San Mateo, California

Contact: Peter Monks, Alfresco

Hosted by: Alfresco

Location: 1825 S Grant St, Suite 350, San Mateo, CA 94402, United States

Registration: Visit Registration Site

Atlanta, Georgia

Contact: Tom Wix, Alfresco

Hosted by: Alfresco

Location: 2839 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Suite 720, Atlanta, GA 30339

Registration: Just list your name here

  • Tom Wix

Maidenhead, UK

Contact: David Draper, Alfresco

Hosted by: Alfresco

Location: Bridge Ave, The Place, Maidenhead SL6 1AF, United Kingdom

Registration: Just list your name here

  • Dave Draper
  • Tuna Aksoy

Sydney, Australia

Contact: Roy Wetherall

Hosted by: Alfresco

Location: 112 Castlereagh St, Level 6, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Registration: Just list your name here

  • Roy Wetherall
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