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Alfresco is the open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), providing Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management, and Imaging.

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Welcome to the Alfresco Wiki

You've arrived at the Alfresco Wiki, a community-managed information resource about Alfresco. If you need authoritative, formal documentation on the platform, you should start with That's where you'll find end-user and technical details on Community, Team, and Enterprise. The wiki, on the other hand, is for content that the community couldn't find on (or wouldn't make sense to include there). For example, the wiki is where you'll find code snippets, cook books, technical details on edge cases or highly-specific use cases, and other stuff that wouldn't make sense in a formal documentation set, like local community meetup listings, roadmap, and how to contribute.

If you are still confused about versus or you want to learn how to take a more active role in the Alfresco Wiki, take a look at the Guidelines.

Alfresco Enterprise 4.0 is Released

Alfresco is pleased to announce release of 'Alfresco Enterprise 4.0'.

Alfresco Enterprise 4.0 is available for Enterprise customers. Release notes and Downloads are on the Alfresco Support portal.

Alfresco Community 4.0.d is Released - February 2, 2011

Alfresco Community 4.0.d, formerly known as Project Swift, has been released. Alfresco Community 4.0.d release has several bug fixes over the Community 4.0.c release. See more details.

Alfresco DevCon Presentations Available

Did you miss Alfresco DevCon this year? We had a great time at both events (San Diego and London). Re-caps are available on The slides from both events have been uploaded to SlideShare.

Activiti Business Process Management Initiative

Activiti logo.png

The Activiti Business Process Management Suite is an open source Apache licensed BPM engine with native support for BPMN 2.0. Tom Baeyens, project founder of JBPM and BPM expert, has joined Alfresco along with his fellow architect Joram Barrez to oversee the effort. Read more in John Newton's blog.

Alfresco App Now On Apple App Store!

11-ALF-055 Blog mobile op2.jpg

Alfresco, in partnership with Zia Consulting, has developed a native iOS application for iPad and iPhone. The application allows mobile access to an Alfresco document repository. The application runs against the most recent Alfresco releases and no additional software needs to be installed or configured on the server. It is configured to connect to a demo Alfresco repository, so even if you aren't ready to hit your production repo, download the app and have a look. The app is available, free of charge, on the Apple iTunes Store. And, if you are a developer interested in creating your own mobile applications that work with Alfresco, you might be interested to know that the Alfresco Mobile source code is freely available as an open source project on BitBucket.

Alfresco Cloud is Here!

Announcing the Alfresco Cloud Beta launch! You can read more about what to expect from Alfresco Cloud in David Gildeh's blog post on the subject. If you want to try it out, sign up here.

Alfresco Books

Professional Alfresco: Practical Solutions for Enterprise Content Management It's here, the latest guide to Alfresco 3.2 written by the technical team who designed and developed Alfresco. You can order it now.

Alf dev guide.png
Alfresco Developer Guide by Jeff Potts is a must read for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of how to create custom applications on the Alfresco platform. You can find a sample chapter in the Content Community.

Alfresco 3 Web Services by Ugo Cei and Piergiorgio Lucidi. This is the latest book on Alfresco covering applications using Web Services, WebScripts and CMIS. By the end of this book, you will be able to put together your knowledge about CMIS and the Apache Chemistry toolkit to develop a complete working application that uses Alfresco, via CMIS, as a back-end storage. Additionally this book also covers the Web Services security profiles— the best practices for Web Services to promote better interoperability.

1904811116 BookCover small.jpg
Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation by Munwar Shariff, Vinita Choudhary, Amita Bhandari and Pallika Majumdar of CIGNEX, published by Packt publishers. This is the latest book on Alfresco covering Alfresco 3.1 features such as Alfresco Share, Multi-tenancy, SharePoint services and integrations with Facebook, iGoogle and Liferay.

1904811116 BookCover small.jpg
Alfresco 3 Records Management by Dick Weisinger. Alfresco 3 Records Management is a complete guide for setting up records programs within organizations. The book is the first and only one that describes Alfresco's implementation of Records Management. It not only teaches the technology for implementing Records Management, but also discusses the important roles that both processes and people play in the building of a successful records program.

3340OS Alfresco 3 Business Solutions FrontCover.png
Alfresco 3 Business Solutions by Martin Bergljung. Alfresco 3 Business Solutions is a practical and easy to use guide which, instead of teaching you just how to use Alfresco, teaches you how to live Alfresco. It will guide you through implementing real world solutions through real world scenarios. Each ECM problem is treated as a separate case study and has its own chapter, enabling you to uncover the practical aspects of an ECM implementation.

1087OS Alfresco 3 Cookbook.png
Alfresco 3 Cookbook by Snig Bhaumik. This Alfresco 3 cookbook boasts a comprehensive selection of recipes covering everything from the basics to the advanced. The book has recipes for quickly installing Alfresco in Windows and Linux and helping you use custom content model, rules, and search. There is also a collection of recipes focused on creating Scripts, Freemarker templates, Web Scripts, and new workflow definitions.

More Product Information

Product Roadmap - Updated roadmap with highlights of upcoming Community and Enterprise release plans through 2011. Please let us have your feedback.

Community Alfresco Plan of Record - Schedule of planned releases, plus historical record of past Alfresco releases.

Enterprise Alfresco Plan of Record - Schedule of planned Enterprise releases, plus historical record of past Alfresco releases.

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