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These are project ideas for the May 2014 Global Virtual Hack-a-thon. Please join a team, or start a new team by listing your project.

For each project, you should consider addressing the following:

  • The coordinator(s)
  • A brief description
  • How you will collaborate during the event,
  • Any prep work for the project, such as developer tools or skills participants should understand

Ideas Looking for a Good Home

  • Alfresco Share + TogetherJS: WebRTC FTW!
  • Lightweight REST API: Use something like the Python cmislib library to create a simplified REST API
  • AWS Deployment Templates for Alfresco 4.2:
  • Google Compute Engine Deployment Templates:
    • Leverage Compute Engine, CloudStorage & CloudSQL

Refactor the Alfresco SDK to leverage the Alfresco Maven SDK

Description: Jeff has placed the source code for the old Alfresco SDK in GitHub with the goal of getting others to help me refactor it to leverage the Alfresco Maven SDK and to remove outdated examples such as the native Web Services API and Alfresco Explorer customizations. Unfortunately, none of us have had the time to do that. But it still needs to be done. If Jeff doesn't get much interest in the cmislib browser binding project he will consider coordinating this project instead, but others should also feel free to own it or say that you would contribute to it.


  • Ole Hejlskov (ohej)

Something with Alfresco in the Cloud from a Cloud IDE

Coordinator: Nathan McMinn

Description: Stay tuned...


  • Add your name here

Add browser binding support to cmislib

Coordinator: Jeff Potts

Description: Currently, in cmislib, the Python API for CMIS, which is managed as part of Apache Chemistry, there is a partial implementation of support for the CMIS 1.1 browser binding. It's time to finish it off. If we do it, I'll be able to push out a formal release which will clear the way for the next big milestone, which is Python 3.x support. I would love it if you enjoyed participating on this so much, you continued participating in the project after the hack-a-thon, which would be great because I am looking to take on additional maintainers.


  • Jeff Potts
  • Richard Esplin

Exploring an Alfresco repository in Minecraft

Coordinator: Roy Wetherall

Description: Minecraft has an API. Alfresco has an API. Why not explore content from within Minecraft?


  • Roy Wetherall

Making Alfresco's subsystems dynamic using dynamic extensions

Coordinators: Philippe Dubois and Laurent Van der Linden

Headquarters: Philippe and Laurent will be hacking at the hacker room in Brussels

Description: Dynamic extensions enables runtime redeployment of Alfresco extensions, let's extend this to subsystems so we can build a modular Alfresco

Links: Dynamic extensions for Alfresco


  • Phillipe Dubois
  • Laurent Van der Linden
  • Frederik Anrys
  • Add your name here...

Improving and Enhancing AAAR

Coordinators: Boriss Mejías and Lanre Abiwon

Headquarters: Hacker room in Brussels

Description: Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (AAAR), is a solution to extract, store and query auditing data from Alfresco, generating reports to understand how Alfresco is being used. In this project we will be improving some of the existing reporting features, and we will be extending the system with new ones. The details of the tasks are yet to be determined. Francesco Corti, creator of AAAR, will be providing technical help.


  • Francesco Corti
  • Laurent Stiens
  • Lanre Abiwon (DarkStar1)
  • Boriss Mejías (bmejias)
  • Add your name here...
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