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These are project ideas for the Alfresco Summit 2014 Hack-a-thons. Please join a team, or start a new team by listing your project.

For each project, you should consider addressing the following:

  • The coordinator(s)
  • A brief description
  • Any prep work for the project, such as developer tools or skills participants should understand

Ideally the source code from these hack-a-thon projects ends up available for others to learn from, so please consider where you would like to host your source repository. Github is always a popular choice, as is Google Code.

Ideas Looking for a Good Home

The following projects have been discussed or mentioned by customers and community members as things they would like to see for Alfresco. If you are interested in picking up one of these projects and making it your own, please create a project for it under one of the event sections.

(Note, chef recipes for deploying Alfresco in a multi-tier clustered form to AWS will be coming as part of the Alfresco Enterprise Deployment tool that is currently being written by Alfresco)

  • Google Compute Engine Deployment Templates:
    • Leverage Compute Engine, CloudStorage & CloudSQL
  • OpenShift cartridge for Alfresco
  • Package Tony Parzgnat's data list constraints code as an open source project: Tony wrote a cool add-on that uses data lists to manage constraints (see his Lightning Talk). But he hasn't had time to clean it up and stick it in an open code repository yet. Let's do it for him!
  • Update Jeff's Five Star Ratings Add-On: The Five Star Ratings add-on hasn't been touched in a while. Share has changed a bit since it was developed. It would be great if someone would get it working in 4.2 using all of the latest share extension points.
  • Write an example showing how to extend the People Picker: Many people want to extend how the out-of-the-box people picker works. For example, maybe when you start a workflow and you are in a site, you only want to search across existing members of the site instead of all of the people in the repository. Create an extension that does that along with a blog post that explains how others could do something similarly.
  • Build a real-time chat integration for Share: This is another frequently asked integration: How to integrate live, real-time chat into Alfresco Share. For example, something like Openfire might be cool.
  • Build a Redmine integration: Someone in IRC asked recently about building an integration between Alfresco and Redmine, an open source project management tool.
  • Create an extension that lets users select their "start" page: Today when you log into Share you always go to the same place. But that might not be best for every user. How about an add-on that let's users specify their preference?
  • Test and document various upgrade paths for Community Edition: There are a number of people running extremely old versions of Alfresco Community Edition. They are missing out on some killer features, and, perhaps more importantly, critical security updates. We could help this problem by making it easier to upgrade Community Edition with tested and documented upgrade paths.
  • Build a 'CMIS Server' distribution of Alfresco: Take Community Edition and rip out everything but the core repo, search, web scripts, the public API, and CMIS. What you'd have left is a CMIS Server similar to the Apache Chemistry InMemory server but probably robust enough to be used as the core of many content-centric applications.
  • Update the S3 connector project to work with Alfresco 4.2x: The project is hosted in [1].

San Francisco Projects / Teams

The San Francisco Summit Hack-a-thon will be held on September 23, 2014 at the conference location. If you are attending the event in San Francisco, please add your project here.

Archiving Alfresco content to AWS Glacier - Retrieval

Coordinator: Nathan McMinn

Description: AWS Glacier is a real game changer for the long term archiving space, with a cost that is an order of magnitude lower than other archive solutions. This project will work to build an AWS Glacier integration for Alfresco, enabling content to be stored long term in the Glacier service, while still being searchable in Alfresco. During the May virtual global hack-a-thon we were able to get basic archiving working, but retrieval is still left to be completed. We really need an expert in handling async calls to AWS to help this effort along!


London Projects / Teams

The London Summit Hack-a-thon will be held on October 7, 2014 at the conference location. If you are attending the event in London, please add your project here

PDF Form field metadata extraction and insert

Coordinator: Nathan McMinn

Description: From time to time the requirement comes up to either extract data from PDF forms and store it as searchable metadata, or to take existing metadata for a node and use it to fill out a PDF form. I'd like to tackle a basic version of this, probably as a simple action. If you want to participate in this project, it would be helpful to understand the basics of PDF forms, and have a solid understanding of Alfresco metadata.


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