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This page addresses a topic that is better suited to Alfresco's official documentation. This page is not being maintained and might not apply to modern versions of Alfresco. It is likely that we will completely remove this page in the future.

The official documentation is at:

This guide has been written after weeks of research and testing while setting up Alfresco Community in an enterprise environment. We were successful in getting Alfresco working only after digging through mass amounts of forum posts and help articles.

We are running Alfresco on Ubuntu Server 12.04, getting user credentials from Active Directory set up on Windows 2008 R2. All out servers are running on a VMware VSphere5.


Before setting up Alfresco, it is important that you have everything prepared. It's the same idea as getting all your ingredients ready before cooking dinner. It prevents your chicken from burning before you can add the sauce.

Environment Setup

We are running Alfresco Community version 4 on Ubuntu Server 12.04. Our existing network is an Active Directory environment consisting of Windows 2008 R2 servers. All our servers sit on a VMware VSphere5 setup.

Server Setup


Downloading Alfresco



Installing Alfresco

Top Tips

Basic Operations

Server Operations

Using Alfresco

Configuration For Enterprise Networks

User Authentication Using Passthru

User Syncing Through LDAP-AD


Configuring Other Systems

Mobile App

Email Notifications

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