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Using the Source Code

This page provides information on how to access Alfresco's source code.

Most development tasks do not require access to the actual source repository. Guidance on how to build solutions with Alfresco is in the official documentation:

Accessing the source code is useful for tracking changes between releases, and for contributing fixes and enhancements. More information is on these pages:

There are many other ways to contribute to the Alfresco Community Edition project on the How to Contribute page.

Source Code Location

Alfresco maintains multiple source code repositories for different parts of the project. There are several places where Alfresco Engineering manages open source projects. And a few projects for alfresco enterprise.

You may not need to check out code because apache maven and the sdk will obtain code for you, however, if you want to check out the code outside of maven then you can.

April 2015 Please note: Following the move to a maven in 5.0 the alfresco source codebase is being broken up into smaller projects. Checking out and building HEAD and HEAD-BUG-FIX is a different process to older releases of alfresco. This page is evolving rapidly at the moment. Updated information on building and running Alfresco


  • Alfresco Community Edition: /alfresco
  • Alfresco Share: /web-apps/Share/
  • Alfresco Records Management: /modules/recordsmanagement/
  • Surf Core: services/surf
  • Surf WebScripts: services/surf-webscripts
  • JLAN: services/jlan
  • Alfresco Core: services/alfresco-core


For access to the enterprise code please contact alfresco support for an account. You need to be an enterprise customer or member of Alfresco Engineering.

  • Alfresco Enterprise Edition: /alfresco
  • Alfresco Share: web-apps/Share-enterprise
  • Alfresco Records Management: /modules/recordsmanagement/
  • Google docs: /integrations/googledocs
  • Surf Core and WebScripts: services/surf-webscripts
  • JLAN: services/jlan
  • Alfresco Core: services/alfresco-core


Checking Out from Subversion

To check out the latest HEAD revision use the following command line:

svn co

If you are after a proxy, and your svn client can not pass through it, you can download a copy of the whole site with the command wget like this:

wget -r

In case of error like : Error * PROPFIND request failed on '/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD' PROPFIND of '/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD': 500 Server Error ( you can use this alternate url instead

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