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This page addresses a topic that is better suited to Alfresco's official documentation. This page is not being maintained and might not apply to modern versions of Alfresco. It is likely that we will completely remove this page in the future.

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The following provides details of all the major features in the Alfresco Share 3.0 release.

Personal Dashboards

  • Dashboard Layout Templates - Multi-column layout templates
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard Configuration - Add, remove, and position dashlets on your personal dashboard using drag and drop
  • Out-of-the-box dashlets:
    • Getting Started - Help and guidance for new Share users
    • Documents I'm Editing - List of documents checked out to the current user
    • My Tasks - Outstanding workflow tasks
    • RSS Feed - Display any RSS feed on your dashboard
    • My Limited Profile - Displays a summary of your user profile
    • My Calendar - Rolled up view of all calendar events for all your sites
    • My Sites Activities - Rolled up view of all the activities for the sites of which you are a member
    • My Sites - Create new sites and access to sites of which you are a member

Site Dashboards

  • Dashboard Layout Templates - Multi-column layout templates
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard Configuration - Site managers can add, remove and position dashlets on the Site dashboard using drag and drop
  • Out-of-the-box dashlets:
    • Site Calendar - Summary of the upcoming scheduled events for the site
    • Site Activities - See the recent changes that have taken place across the site
    • Site Wiki - Display the contents of any Site wiki page on the site dashboard
    • Site Colleagues - Find and view rich profiles for site colleagues
    • Site Profile - Description of the site
    • RSS Feed - Display contens of any RSS feed
    • Recently Modified Documents - Easily find the documents modified within the past 7 days
    • Getting Started - Help, guidance, and tutorial for new Share users

Site Management

  • Customizable Page Components - Simple definition of the collaboration components required for your site such as Document Library, Wiki, Blog, Calendar
  • Site Finder - Search for Public sites; request to via moderated joining process
  • Site Members - Invite existing users or new (non-registered) users to join site; Automatic registration for new users; Manage site invites pending, accepted, and cancel invites
  • Site Details - Site name, description, public/private site setting (see below)
  • Public and Private Sites - Allow/disallow read-only browsing of sites for non-site members

Site Component - Document Library

  • Multi-file upload - Bulk upload multiple files in a single operation
  • Dynamic Filters - Filter the list of files based on Tags, Recently added/modified files you/others are editing
  • Hierarchical (Tree) folder
  • Rich Document Metadata - including Name, Title, Description, Mimetype, and Tags
  • Version Control - Simple update process, major/minor versions, version comments, version history
  • Commenting
  • Thumbnails - Automatic generation for wide-range of formats including MSOffice, OpenOffice, Image, and PDF
  • Flash Previews - Full Flash based document preview, no download or client application launch required
  • Multi-Select Operations - Move/copy multiple items in a single operation
  • RSS Feed for recent changes
  • Fine grained permissions

Site Component - Blog

  • Blog posting to Site and External Blogs - Post blogs as draft, to the site and/or to external blogging sites including TypePad and WordPress
  • Dymamic Filters - Filter list of blog post based on Tags, Drafts, Latest, Published Internally/Externally, and Published Date
  • Commenting - Commenting support against blog posts
  • Blog Archives - Find old posts based on published dates
  • RSS Feed for latest blog posts

Site Component - Calendar

  • Multiple Views - Day/Week/Month/Agenda
  • Event Tagging - Tagging and filtering of events
  • iCal Support - Add calendar entries to email clients

Site Component - Discussions

  • Threaded Discussions - Post topic and replies
  • Dynamic Filtering - Tags/New/Most Active/All/My Topics
  • RSS Feed for latest discussions

Site Component - Wiki

  • Simple Page Creation - Simple GUI driven page editing
  • Cross-page Linking - Standard wiki markup for page linking such as [[My Target Page]]
  • Automatic Target Page Creation - Clicking a link to a target that doesn't exist yet opens the target page for editing
  • Dynamic Page Filtering - Tags/Recently Modified/Recently Added/My Pages/Main Page
  • Automatic Versioning and History - Updates automatically versioned
  • Redirect on Rename - Automatic redirect links when the target page has been renamed


  • Google Style Simple Search - Single search box searches across all site content including metadata and full text
  • Individual or All Sites - Search within a particular site or across all sites

User Experience

  • AJAX using Yahoo YUI Library
  • Drag and Drop Layouts
  • Thumbnails and Flash Previews
  • Dynamic Panel Resizing
  • User-friendly URLs
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