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  • To find out the strengths and weaknesses of products identified by project stakeholders,
  • To produce a list of issues that need to be addressed to allow us to offer the best product.
  • To develop a list of product features for the new product.
  • To communicate findings to the project stakeholders.


The products to be analysed were identified in a meeting by project stakeholders. Depending on the availability of the product to be analysed one of two approaches were taken.

Ideal Approach

The products are evaluated using a simple script containing typical user tasks extracted from the context of use analysis. During the evaluations screen shots are captured of key views and inserted into a powerpoint file. The evaluator records findings about the positive and negative aspects of the product and where possible items that will feed into the usability requirements.

Alternative Approach

Where direct access to other products is not possible then either a usability survey or a user observation will be carried out.


We analyzed a number of commercial and open source products. The results of this have been removed.

We leave it up to the community to fill this information.

New Product Features List

During this review the following list was constructed of features which could be included in the new product (not exhaustive):

  1. User Customisable User Interface
  2. WhiteBoarding
  3. Rollups
  4. Comprehensive Workflow
  5. Aggregate content from multiple sites/areas
  6. Direct Manipulation of interface objects



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