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This page explains where to access the various versions of Alfresco.

For General Use

Alfresco Community Edition

Alfresco Community Edition provides robust document management capabilities in a single-server environment that is suitable for adoption by teams and departments that do not need support from Alfresco.

The latest version of Alfresco Community Edition labeled Generally Available (GA) can be downloaded here:

Installation instructions are here:

Alfresco Enterprise Edition

Alfresco Enterprise Edition is a scalable document management solution designed for large, mission critical, enterprise use cases.

The Alfresco Enterprise Edition trial can be downloaded here:

For Early Adopters and Open Source Contributors

Early Access (EA) releases of Alfresco Community Edition give access to the latest features. EA releases have not been as thoroughly tested as GA releases, but can be useful for previewing the upcoming GA release and providing feedback in the ALF project at the Alfresco issue tracker.

EA releases are available under the category Category:Early Access Releases.

The latest changes to the product can been tested in the Nightly Builds.

Previous Releases

Each release of Alfresco Community Edition has a page in the wiki under the category Category:Community Edition. You can search by version under the category Category:Release_Notes.

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