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Alfresco Enterprise Edition comes from the same code base as Community Edition. After Community Edition has been evaluated by our user community, additional features are added and the release is re-tested by our quality assurance team against our supported software stacks before being recommended to our Enterprise Edition subscribers.

Our reasoning around how we differentiate the Community and Enterprise Editions is described in this blog post by Alfresco co-founder John Newton.

This is a list of capabilities that are available in Alfresco Enterprise Edition, but not in Community Edition.

Non-Functional Differences

  • Recommended for production use
  • Hot Fix update and Service pack program
  • Defect escalation and prioritization process
  • Rigorously tested and certified against multiple OS, DB, application servers
  • Support assistance for developers and administrators around installation, configuration and upgrades
  • Certified for high availability
  • 24x7 Severity 1 production support and services
  • 24x7 support portal
  • Defined support SLA
  • Platform testing and certification process
  • Limited warranty and indemnity
  • Access to product knowledge base
  • Certification training for developers and administrators
  • Certified regional partner support
  • Consulting and professional services available from Alfresco

Functional Differences

  • Support for enterprise databases and storage (like Oracle, SQL Server, Centera, AWS S3 and Glacier)
  • Support for enterprise application servers (like WebLogic and WebSphere)
  • Integrations with proprietary applications (like Outlook)
  • Clustering
  • Encryption of content in the repository
  • Advanced media management
  • JMX support
  • Storage policies for defining classes of storage (i.e. new data to fast storage, old data to cheap storage)
  • Jod Connector for high performance OpenOffice / LibreOffice transformations
  • Transformation Server for offloading transformation from the main repository
  • Hybrid Sync for connecting the repository with Alfresco in the cloud
  • High performance desktop synchronization back-end
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Note: In the 5.0 release of Alfresco Enterprise Edition, Alfresco Office Services replaces the VTI module for integration with Microsoft Office. We have not yet made a decision on whether it will replace the VTI module in Community Edition.

Administration tools

Some administration tools (due to their dependence on JMX) are not included in Community Edition even though their capabilities are. For instance Community Edition has IMAP and outbound email, but you cannot configure it from the Administration Console. Needing to change the configuration in XML and reload the property file often requires a restart of the Alfresco service.

From the Share 4.0 Admin Console:

  • Repository
    • Activities Feed
    • Fileservers
    • Google Docs
    • Repository Descriptor (Originally installed)
    • Repository Descriptor (Current)
    • Subscriptions
    • Sysadmin
  • Email
    • Email (IMAP)
    • Email (Outbound)
  • Transformations
    • OpenOffice (JMX)
    • Transformer ImageMagick (JMX)
    • Transformer pdf2swf (JMX)

Alfresco Workdesk

Alfresco Workdesk Enterprise contains features not found in the community edition:

  • Pre-configured Contract Management plugins
  • DB RoleManager: This feature allows you to create customized business roles for users by assigning specific plugins or search templates to specific user groups.
  • HistoryManager
  • Plugin to "Send as eMail attachment"

Alfresco Mobile

The Alfresco Mobile app that is available to Enterprise Edition subscribers contains the following features not available in the open source version:

  • Content encryption
  • Alfresco Distribution Policies
  • Alfresco for Good (Mobile Device Management)
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