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We currently host two types of hack-a-thons:

  • Global Virtual Hack-a-thons (Each spring)
  • Alfresco Summit Hack-a-thons (Each fall, the day before Alfresco Summit)

Next Event: Global Virtual Hack-a-thon on April 17 in your time zone.

You can get a sense for how we do a hack-a-thon by looking at previous events.

Global Virtual Hack-a-thons

We provide

  • Suggested projects
  • Alfresco experts in 3 groups of time zones
  • An audience for you to show off your work

Join the Event

To participate, join the IRC Channel on the day of the hack-a-thon April 17, 2015 and discuss what you are working on. But if you prepare in advance, you will enjoy the event a lot more.

There are a few actions you might want to take to prepare:

  • Stay Up-to-date: Register at the G+ page to get reminders and participate in the conversation.
  • Ideas: Submit a project idea on the page for projects and teams. Recruit others to work on your project with you.
  • Teams: Join a team on the page for projects and teams.
    • Help your team plan the project and determine how you will collaborate during the event.
    • Do any prep work suggested by your team. Install developer tools, and learn skills that will be needed for your project.
  • Visit a Hacker Room: Consider attending the hack-a-thon at a physical location.
  • Expert Help: If you are an experienced Alfresco developer, consider signing up as an expert in your timezone so that people can ask you questions.

The hack-a-thon starts when you join IRC in the morning, and ends when people decide to be done. You do not have to participate the entire day. Feel free to collaborate with people in other timezones.


  • Please make sure your project is listed in the wiki so that others can join and we can acknowledge your progress.
  • Please sign up for a specific project ahead of the hack-a-thon.
  • We will use the IRC channel for collaboration between teams.
  • Teams may use whatever they want to collaborate on their projects.
  • If a team has a question, they should bring it to the IRC channel for discussion.
  • Alfresco experts will monitor the IRC channel to help.
  • APAC will start the fun, and can collaborate with EMEA as they get started. AMS can work with EMEA as they overlap.
  • When a project team has finished for the day, or shortly after the hack-a-thon, they will record a video of their work to share with others. Google Hangouts on Air can be a good way to do this.
  • We will share these demo videos as part of May Tech Talk Live, and link to them from the Alfresco YouTube channel.

Suggested Tools

  • IRC channel for collaboration between teams
  • Skype, Google, or IRC for collaboration within teams
  • Github or BitBucket for source control
  • Google Hangout or Skype for screen sharing
  • A collaborative web-based IDEs such as Nitrous.io, Codio, Cloud9, Codenvy, and Codiad


  • Google Hangout on Air.
  • Team can share their desktop to demo, and a video gets recorded automatically.
  • We can help you set it up.


  • Recruit more experts
  • List more project ideas
  • Encourage people to join teams
  • Arrange for virtual machines to be used by the teams during the hack-a-thon (Luis?)

Alfresco Expert Coverage

Being a hack-a-thon expert simply means that you are willing to answer questions about any of the projects during the time you are working on your project. If you already have experience as an Alfresco developer, I hope you will sign up to be a hack-a-thon expert. It is a great way to meet other people, and contribute to the community.

Experts are divided into timezone groupings to help people understand who will be available when. Please list your name, and your IRC handle.

Asia / Pacific

  • Roy Wetherall (RoyAtAlfresco)

Europe / Africa / Middle East

  • Will Abson
  • David Webster
  • Angel Borroy (angelborroy)


  • Richard Esplin (resplin)
  • Gabriele Columbro
  • Toni de la Fuente (toniblyx)
  • Peter Monks (pmonks)
  • Bindu Wavell (binduwavell)

Detailed Instructions

The hack-a-thon starts when you arrive in the morning, and ends when people decide to be done. You do not have to participate the entire day. We expect to need the most help in the morning when people in your time zone are getting started.

We are relying on informed coordinators to help the event be fun and productive for all attendees (including you). The event proceeds as follows:

  • People log in to #alfresco on Freenode IRC around 9 AM local time.
  • Those who already have a project in mind talks with their team and starts work.
  • Those who don’t have a project in mind check the wiki and select a project.
  • As people get stuck, they ask questions on #alfresco, and the coordinators help.
  • Those who are in a room with other participants get lunch.
  • At the end of the day the team creates a demo video on YouTube (like via Google Hangouts on Air) and sends the link to community@alfresco.com.

As an Alfresco Expert, we would like you to:

  • List yourself on this wiki page with the IRC handle that you will use for the event.
  • Add to the list of project ideas.
  • Join a team (or start a new one) on the Projects-and-Teams page.

Then during the event you should:

  • Spend at least part of the day working on an Alfresco related project of your choice,
  • Hang out on IRC so that if someone asks a question you can help answer it,
  • Help people who don't understand how to participate to get connected with a team and start on a project.
  • Make sure your project is listed on the wiki so others can find you.
  • Help record a demo video of your team's results.

If you are coordinating a physical hacker room, you have a few more responsibilities:

  • Confirm you have the room booked,
  • Confirm that the instructions posted to the Hacker-Rooms page are accurate and sufficient for attendees to access your room,
  • Plan where you will get food for lunch.
  • Help people who arrive to get set up with network and power,
  • Arrange for pizza and drinks for the attendees. Email community@alfresco.com to discuss reimbursement.

We will do demos during the next Tech Talk Live so that people can focus on their projects during the hack-a-thon day. This also allows people to come and go as needed. If the tech talk live is not at a convenient time for your team, someone on your team can send me a short demo video and we will share it during the broadcast. We can help you make the video if you want a live audience for the demo.

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