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This page addresses a topic that is better suited to Alfresco's official documentation. This page is not being maintained and might not apply to modern versions of Alfresco. It is likely that we will completely remove this page in the future.

The official documentation is at:
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Alfresco is the Open Source Alternative for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), providing Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Services, and Imaging. More...

Alfresco is available for organizations to deploy on-premise or in their private clouds. It is also available as a hosted solution in the Alfresco Public Cloud. Tools such as mobile applications, synchronization, and replication are available to move content between devices and between instances of Alfresco. In this way our cloud connected content solution allows you to access your great work from any device at any time while preserving organizational control for critical business content. Application programmers benefit from a robust set of APIs and easy extensibility so that they can add content services to any solution.

Alfresco Projects

In addition, a large number of community projects around Alfresco are available on Alfresco Add-Ons.

The Alfresco repository is licensed both as an open source Community Edition and as a professionally supported Enterprise Edition.

More about Alfresco

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