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Will Abson is a Senior Integrations Engineer with Alfresco, based in London.

Share Dashlets

My working list of ideas for add-on dashlets for Alfresco Share. The dashlets which I have implemented have been incorporated into the share-extras project and can be downloaded directly from there.

For some ideas from other people on add-on dashlets see this forum post.


  • Tag Cloud
  • Recent Comments
  • My Favourite Content Provided in 3.2E as part of My Documents dashlet
  • Popular Documents - use existing cm:hits model extension to determine which docs are popular
  • Document Library Folder - display list or thumbnails of all content in a specific folder
  • Saved Search - to tie in with 3.4 search capabilities?
  • Map View of Geotagged content, e.g. Photos
  • My E-mail - messages recently imported via IMAP
  • HTML Page dashlet - user selects a HTML page in the document library to display in a dashlet
  • Site Blog dashlet - view recent entries and quick create form
  • Video Preview dashlet


  • Site Finder - quick access to find and join sites
  • Site Metrics - date created, number of documents, number of folders, wiki pages, size, etc.


  • People Finder - quickly look up profiles
  • My Network - mark other users as 'Favorites', i.e. you are interested in them
  • Top Contributors - show which users have added/modified/etc the most content in the site


  • Calendar Feed - display events sourced from an external iCal feed
  • Locked-down Web View - display a specific URL via configuration
  • BBC Weather - display the current weather and three-day forecast for a UK/world city chosen by the user
  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Basecamp
  • Digg
  • Wordpress
  • Wikipedia Featured Article
  • Wikipedia Search
  • Twitter search
  • Twitter list Twitter user
  • Flickr photo feed
  • feed
  • YouTube video/channel


  • Notice board dashlet - similar to SugarCRM dashlet, allow the user to quickly add a title and bit of WYSIWYG text as a dashlet
  • Poll dashlet - set up a basic poll and allow site users to vote and see results
  • Hello World dashlet

Share Document Action Ideas

  • Post to Google Docs Being implemented in 3.3
  • Import from Google Docs Being implemented in 3.3
  • Post to SlideShare
  • Import ZIP / ACP file
  • Refresh thumbnails
  • Take/assign ownership
  • Export to WCM
  • Send via e-mail
  • Geotag content items
  • View audit information (basic)

General Ideas for Share Improvements

  • Share components
  • Flash previews/thumbnails of e-mail messages
  • Admin console components
    • Admin console node browser
    • Admin console audit component (provided by RM?)
    • Workflow administration console
  • User pages
    • My Deleted Items
  • Share support for ML content
  • Full polls and surveys module
  • Document viewer replaced with static image if Flash not installed
  • E-mail integration with activity feed
    • User preference required to store information on which events are notified via e-mail
      • e.g. Edit document, edit favourite document
  • Calendar support for iCal import / export
  • Access to Deleted Items store
  • Support checking out/in wiki pages
  • Filter tags shown in tag selector widget when text typed in tag name field
  • Provide search box to filter dashlets listed in Customize Dashboard screen
  • Simple dialogue provided by Site Links dashlet to add a link
  • Provide code highlighting in wiki pages, blog entries and discussion posts using SyntaxHighlighter or google-code-prettify
  • Custom component to display map view for geotagged content items in Document Details page (using OpenLayers)
  • Data Lists improvements
    • Import/Export from CSV
    • Reports/graphs, based on CMIS Query language

EC2 Images

I maintain a number of unofficial Alfresco EC2 images for evaluation and testing. Similar to the official images these are based around a base of Ubuntu 9.10/10.10 running Tomcat 6 and MySQL 5.1.

All images have Alfresco Explorer and Share available, and have the Records Management and SharePoint Protocol modules installed.

Old Community Releases

Mostly for my own use but may be useful for others too. These builds are definitely not recommended for production use.

Version Date Links
Labs 3 'Stable' 21st Jan 2009 (?) Downloads | Tomcat ZIP
Labs 3.2 Preview 1 17th Apr 2009 Downloads not available
Labs 3.2 Preview 2 18th May 2009 Release Notes | Downloads | Tomcat ZIP
Community 3.2 5th July 2009 Release Notes | Downloads | Tomcat ZIP
Community 3.2r (r16803) 12th October 2009 (?) Release Notes | Downloads | Tomcat ZIP
Community 3.2r2 20th November 2009 Release Notes | Downloads | Tomcat ZIP

Other Projects I've Worked On

My Pages

Presentations I've Delivered

Tomcat Service Notes

Classpath D:\alfresco\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-3.3\tomcat\bin\tomcat-juli.jar;D:\alfresco\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-3.3\tomcat\bin\tomcat-juli.jar;D:\alfresco\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-3.3\tomcat\bin\bootstrap.jar
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