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Warning: Archived Page
This page addresses a topic that is better suited to Alfresco's official documentation. This page is not being maintained and might not apply to modern versions of Alfresco. It is likely that we will completely remove this page in the future.

The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com Back to Web Scripts.

NOTE: This document describes features to be found in Alfresco v2.1 onwards.


A Web Script may consist of many files (e.g. JavaScript, templates, XML description). Those files can become difficult to manage e.g. backup, transfer to another repository, e-mail etc.

Web Scripts "dump & load" provides a simple mechanism for extracting the full definition of a Web Script and then installing that definition elsewhere.


There's a Web Script URL (admin required) for dumping the full description of a Web Script including all of its supporting implementation files (e.g. JavaScript, FreeMarker) held in either the Alfresco Server class path or Repository folders into a single HTML page.

The URL template is:


e.g. to dump the sample "AVM Browse"


The resulting HTML page may be saved and sent to others (e.g. support). The default Web Script error page includes a link for dumping the Web Script that caused the error.

Not only does the HTML page provide a descriptive document of the Web Script, but it also contains the full definition (as embedded XHTML).


A simple Web Script installer is available at the (admin required) URL


It supports POST of a Web Script "file" which installs the Web Script into the Repository. GET returns a simple upload form and submit button.

What is the Web Script "file"? It's the HTML generated by the dump process.

Implementation files (e.g. javascript & freemarker) are installed either into the Alfresco Server class path or Repository folders (depending on where they were in the source Repository). So, it's possible to 100% replicate a declarative Web Script.

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