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This page addresses a topic that is better suited to Alfresco's official documentation. This page is not being maintained and might not apply to modern versions of Alfresco. It is likely that we will completely remove this page in the future.

The official documentation is at:

About the Wiki

We have chosen MediaWiki as the foundation for this wiki since it is the most popular wiki in the world, primarily as the foundation of Wikipedia. We considered other wikis (see OnLamp - Wiki Review) with no bias toward any particular platform. Our intention is to provide wiki support on top of Alfresco with support for the MediaWiki mark-up syntax.

We have implemented a couple of extensions to try to stop the Alfresco Wiki from being spammed. If you encounter any problems posting what you consider to be valid information and not spam please use the Spam Whitelist Request page to request for whitelisting. If you are a contributor to the Alfresco Wiki and are frustrated by the 'captcha' on edit please post your wiki username to the Editor Request page to have your user able to bypass the captcha.

Thank you.

Spam block list: Alfresco_spam_block

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